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Resolution Sessions: Intro

Tonight while spending some time with the Lord regarding the spiritual gifts he has given me, I felt this sense of the topic of Resolution Sessions. So here goes my interpretation of what the Lord might like this to look like. It could always change as he continues to develop me as a person and as he continues to develop the content/messages he has asked me to share.

When I think about a resolution, the first things that come to mind are New Year Resolutions which I do not make. I can remember only making one that mattered in this life and the Lord has pushed me more and more each year to fulfilling that resolution according to His will and with the Spirits direction. It was several years ago, maybe 2008, when I resolved to live my life for God(I believed in the Lord but was not living my life for him. I was being far more than selfish at the time). If the things going on in my life did not or would not bring God glory, they were to be removed through God’s sanctifying of me. And they were and continue to be. The Lord has delivered me from so many areas of personal struggles and I know that I could not have been successful at the removal of those things from my life with out Him.

That year I specifically resolved to be the kind of wife and mother that I needed to be for my family under the Lord’s direction not as I had been doing it. My ways were all wrong and my family needed transformation, sanctification, and the process of restoration to begin. And it has and continues on in the other areas the Lord is working in.

It is my hope through starting this mini series that a) the traditional idea of a resolution is revised and we see that we must resolve ourselves to certain things every day if we hope to live a Christlike life b) we, as a community of believers, can come up with some ideas about what Christ centered resolutions look like c) we engage this written community with ideas and we can truly make each others lives better simply by opening up the lines of communication.

Weekly I will do a post or invite a guest writer to do a post about resolutions. Ones they have made that they have been successful at, ones that have failed, ones that challenge  us all to be better in each of our areas of life, or any other ideas around this topic of resolution.

Today I leave you with this, there are many definitions of the word resolution but I like this one the most.