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Resolution Sessions: Making Much of Christ

The resolution I am sharing about today regards a time in my life where my husband and I were called to be parents who were more involved with our children even if it meant making decisions directly oppositional to what the world would have you believe equates success.

I will share that Stan Britton is the one who preached this sermon and it has never left my thoughts as it has pertained to so many areas of my life since I heard it and therefore it has become a part of who I am and is always factored in when making decisions.

My husband and I were considering me starting a home based business that would help add income to our family but that would also hopefully allow me to become a stay at home. The idea of quitting my full time job and being a stay at home mom was something very near to my heart and I was always certain it was what the Lord would have me do. But it was one of those things that the world tells you is not a good decision. How can you have money and status and move up in any company if you are a stay at home mom? Stan presented three questions during his sermon that related to this personal dillema and they very much guided us in making the decisions that would follow in our life.

1. Does this opportunity give me a chance to share Jesus Christ?

2. Does this opportunity allow me to make much of myself or make much of Jesus?

3. In this deicision, does my answer point people to Christ or does it point people to the world?

I knew immediately that based on the type of company I was going to work for that I could do all these things. I am a consultant for Premier Designs Jewelry. This is a company that is founded on biblical principles. We pray together, we teach each other about Jesus, and the gospel is shared by our senior leadership. It is truly amazing how the Lord can and has used me in this role. I continue to work at Premier Designs and it has allowed me to quit my job which was another one of those times when we really had to assess our decisions based on these questions. Quitting my job did allow me to be more involved with church, it has allowed me to have time with my family and children which is one of mine and my sweet hubby’s number one priorities. We had reached the point where we were no longer comfortable with our children being raised by other people while we worked all day. But dropping down to a one income family for the sake of taking care of children was very contrary to what the world considered successful.

So I tell you all this to say that the day I learned to evaluate each of our life decisions but especially the big ones by these three questions, I made a resolution. I resolved to be the kind of person who would never let the world’s values dictate what was best for my family and the kingdom of God. I resolved that I would always seek these questions and answers and my husband and I have used this model frequently throughout the years each time feeling confident in our decisions because we believe by making the Lord the number one priority we were firmly in his will, making much of Christ in our lives.

Over the next couple of weeks we will have some exciting guest writers to share about the resolutions in their lives. Stay tuned in! You do not want to miss out!!