A Little About Me

About Brandi

Brandi Harris {guest post}

HI!! I am Brandi Harris! I am a work from home mom of two very silly but amazingly wonderful sons. I also work as an independent consultant with Premier Designs Jewelry which has allowed me  to quit my full time job and be a full time mom and wife! My sweet husband and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage this year.

I am the wife of a deacon. This is a very important role to me because I get to support my husband and serve him in so many ways. I believe  that moms/wives should make serving their family a priority. I do not mean serving to their every whim, like get up and make me a sandwich, but true servant hood. Doing for them because I love them and out of my love  flows my desire to serve them in the things they need.  I want to fulfill my God given roles to the best of my ability.

I have a degree in communication that I am currently using within the organizations I volunteer. I serve at an after school program and I also serve on the board of directors for our local community center.

My hope and goal in writing is to share perspective with other stay at home moms and moms in general. It is my desire to be able to speak  truth into the lives of women, married or not, working or not, about life. About our struggles we endure as parents and wives, about how to have a servant’s heart when caring for our families (that sometimes seem to not notice we’ve done anything at all) but again I say doing so with a servant’s heart.  I hope that I can inspire other women to want more out of their marriages/relationships and relationships with their children   as well as relationships with others and that I may be able to provide practical insight on how to do that. I can be reached on Facebook and you can also reach me by email: brandih89@gmail.com.


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