Thirty and Thriving!!

Well, my 30th birthday has past. I have to say it was a pretty incredible day. First ever family vacation with almost all my adult siblings(Missing Jess). We headed to Gulf Shores, AL yesterday morning at 5am and were on the beach by 5pm!

I have always loved the beach. I am pretty certain it is because when I was a kid we pretty much lived in Galveston, Tx. Not really but my dad would take us usually several times each summer for a week at a time. Lots of treasured memories. As an adult, my awe and wonder for the ocean is no less. The beach is always a place where I can re-center and re-charge. It is magnificent to see the Lord’s handiwork displayed in such a grand way. It is a reminder of how small I am yet at the same time the Lord took just as much care and precision in crafting me as he did the sand, waves, vastness of the horizon, saltiness of the water, and commanding the moon to tell the sea how far it can go!

Not only did I turn 30 this year but my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary! Man how life has changed in a mere 10 years. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways and the biggest is the gift of a Godly husband. He leads me to a deeper walk with Christ which in my opinion is one of his number one priorities. He also teaches me to be a gentler more patient mother. He loves to teach me things that I don’t understand and I love it as well. I love that he cares enough to teach me how things work in this world that I have no concept of. I just love him!

I am also truly, truly blessed with two very sweet boys. They can be crazy at times but really who isn’t. But they are kind-hearted boys with two completely different souls just as the Lord intended. I pray that over the course of my time with these souls that they learn how and why to love the Lord, how to be Godly men like their father, and how to love their own family’s one day. My world would not be the same with out these two little monsters!!

I am also blessed with my family. Without our incredibly generous family, we would not be enjoying this AMAZING vacation. We made the decision a couple of years ago that being a mom was my full-time job right now. We could have money later in life, maybe. I really would not change that for anything but it does make it harder for us to do things such as vacations. We are very grateful! There are also many other family members that I  am also grateful for. I am so thankful to my husband’s family for making him the man he is today. Without you, my life may be totally different. Thank you for raising my best friend.

The Lord has also placed some amazing women in my life. I have wondered over the past 5 years what the Lord was trying to teach me about my friendships because it seemed to be just one thing after another. I do believe that over the last 6 months he has begun to show me what friendship truly looks like. It hasn’t been an easy process because I have learned that there are not many people in my life that I can trust. But God wouldn’t have it any other way. If I begin to put my confidence in a person, then I lose sight of him and my ability to surrender to him daily. God has placed truly amazing women in my life recently. Women that build me up and encourage me, not tear me down. And I believe that is what this true friendship looks like. In the same ways that my husband leads me closer to Christ, the women I choose to have in my life and the Lord allows me to have in my life should also always point me towards Christ and I have some ladies that have been hand-picked for that job! I leave you today with a birthday wish I received from one of these very special ladies yesterday. A friend prays for you and spurs you on and that is exactly what she has done for me. I love you lady!!

I am praying for God to give you renewal in your spirit, peace, wisdom to say only what glorify’s Him, discernment to know the difference and quick hands to slap over your mouth when your flesh takes over!


8 thoughts on “Thirty and Thriving!!

  1. Enjoyed your blog today. So refreshing to hear about your different relationships, especially your love for Christ. You have a great testimony for Him. Keep up the good work. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you both. I love the ocean too. Post some of your picture of Gulf Shores. I hear it is beautiful there. Enjoy!!

  2. Excellent post, Brandi. I really enjoy reading your posts and am looking forward to watching you continue to grow in your faith and walk with the Lord. I love you and your family dearly!

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